Vines, more vines and yet more vines

This plaque was half way up a hill in the middle of nowhere, but I was delighted to see it, I’ve walked more than 200kms.

Lots of blue cornflowers at the side of the path today. They reminded me of my sister as she had a picture of them on her dressing table.

You can end up getting sick of vines, especially when it’s cold and wet!

There really is no end to the vines!

The only time you can advertise in the middle of nowhere and get a response!

The outskirts of Najera are not pretty and you have to walk through some dodgy areas before reaching the old town.

Last night I wound up in an apartment which was an overflow albergue. There were 10 of us, mostly South Americans apart from me and a German guy. Everyone had had the same problem in Logroño and felt a bit miffed about missing the town. Being in an apartment was great as we could cook so I had a veggie feast :).

The walk today was wet, windy and super boring with vines marching across every hillside. As it was blustery I was being attacked by other people’s loo roll which is ultra horrible. In every book and leaflet it tells pilgrims to either bury, or take with them, their used loo roll, but the place is covered in it. I don’t understand it, people have just about become educated about picking up their dog mess and yet they leave shitty loo roll blowing about the countryside. It was something Pete and I noticed on the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca as well.

I walked along with an American lady for a while today, which shows I’m getting a bit speedier, she was saying that she had first heard about the Camino through an advert in a National Geographic magazine which was offering group excursions with all accommodation booked and luggage moved for you from place to place. She decided she preferred to do it alone, but apparently groups are becoming very big business. She too had met the handcart group and I bumped into them so many times today that we’re almost best buddies! The handcarts are great engineering, they weigh under a kilo but have suspension on the wheels and a harness so that they can either be pulled or pushed depending on the terrain.

Pete sent me a lovely Beetles song today which gave me leaky eyes and made me wonder why I was hobbling around a load of muddy vineyards instead of being curled up on the sofa with him doing the crossword. Anyway, I think tomorrow will be Beetles day for head-singing as you could go on for ever with that repertoire. 

Tonight I took off the bandage on my ankle, as it had been on the requisite 4 days. It hurt like hell to begin with but seems to have settled down now so I’m hopeful it will be much better tomorrow. Najera is OK in the centre and the river would be pleasant if the sun was shining, but as it’s a bank holiday weekend everything is closed and the place is a bit dead. Mañana más.


9 thoughts on “Vines, more vines and yet more vines

    • Yay Glynis! We can “Love, love me do …” together! It’s so lovely to hear a friendly voice from home. Thank you xxoo


  1. I hope all those vines meant you could have a well deserved vino!
    Love love me do, is a great song to sing along too.

    Loved the photo of cornflowers, I think that’s Mandy telling you she is with you.

    Hope your finding your peace along the way. Xxx

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  2. Same in Nepal. The local loo paper is, or was, pink; so the tracks used by hoi poloi are known as ‘pink trails’. They even bare their bottoms in public by the side of the road there. Woz talking to a nieghbour who has a Kia same as your’s. Assumed she had never heard of The Camina, but she had! “Oh yes, a lady who walks her dog with me has done it!” Cheers, Roger

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    • Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify the “drop to drink” problem today, although it’s still fiesta. Xx


  3. A tip for your fellow loo roll dumpers! Whilst doing a three day trek across the dessert on a camel we were told to bring a lighter! What for well when you finished your business you burned the paper. shovels were provided the rest of the procedure. As the dessert has sand storms it essential that this procedure is carried out!. Pass it on as part of the Camino etiquette!!!

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